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Classic Apple Pie with Ready to Use Pie Crust

It's been a long long time since my LAST Post !
Today, on this beautiful Saturday morning, I am writing this blog again with a new recipe I just learned from YouTube last night.

This morning we're making "CLASSIC APPLE PIE"
But... the recipe I used is combination of many recipes that I watched over YouTube last night.
Here it goes :


Ready to Use  Puff Pastry / Pie Crust

2 big apples , washed, peeled and sliced thin
1/2 Lemon, squished on top of the apple slices
1 table spoon of Cinnamon
4 table spoon of Brown Sugar
2 table spoon of Maizena (Corn starch)
Mix all together

You can add the sugar and cinnamon if you want.

Pour the filling to the pie crust.
Cover with another pie crust.
Cut some holes to let the apple steam out during baking
Brush with whisked egg to the top crust
Drizzle with some white sugar
We're Ready to bake!

Oven Settings:
Preheat oven to max heat.
Preheat oven while you prepare the ingredients.
Oven the pie with max heat for 10 Mins…

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